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Heather’s Letter of Manifesto

I never thought I would open my own business. I always loved working in the public system as a physiotherapist. My coworkers were fantastic, and I loved that I was making a difference in people lives, albeit with limited resources. I also happened to have a defined benefit pension, lots of paid days off and the security of seniority in a union based job.

But then I met my son.

Literally, I met my son when he has 6 weeks old. He was in foster care and

had a lot of diagnoses on his referral form to the child development centre.

I wasn’t his first physiotherapist, but he quickly came onto my caseload, and when we met I knew he had something more than what the diagnoses said.

How did I know?

It wasn’t my professional experience or the obvious social charm he possessed at a very early age (even though both of those are true). When I met him, I saw him as a mother did, and I knew that there was more than what others saw. It’s a quality that I now recognize that many caregivers have, but as a therapist it was very new for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I could always see the potential in my clients. But seeing potential as a mother is different. They don’t call it mother’s intuition for no reason!

So nine months later (my best pregnancy ever – hah!) our son came to be a forever part of our family through adoption.

This is where Abilities began.

You see, I know as a physiotherapist that our brain and body is a use it or lose it kind of system. When you have neurologically based challenges, using your brain and body can be harder. Failure to use them correctly can result in increased health, communication and learning challenges. It can be a vicious cycle.

I also know that health, communication and learning challenges can impact not only the quality of life for the individual, but also for their family and friends that care about them.

Getting help through our current public system of healthcare can be complicated, frustrating, and can be constrained by their lack of resources.

I now feel that frustration both personally and professionally. I’m sure you’ve seen these problems if you’re reading this now. We’ve all seen these problems.

I remember when my son was old enough to go to school, I knew he needed more then what the public system could provide. As a mother I could see his potential, and it would require more than just the regular opportunities we normally have in regular kid life.

At the same time, I knew the power that physiotherapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists have had to make my son’s life better. The best ones have been transformative guides to my family and developed plans that have helped me to be a better mom and my son to enjoy a lot of success.

I wanted a place that could continue to help me to be a good mom. A place that would continue to guide my son and myself in how to discover his greatest potential. A place that provided a team guided plan (where I as the mom is actually valued as an important part of the team), because I know that different perspectives creates a better result. A team that fundamentally respected and valued each person, including myself and my son. A team that fought to find a better way and that didn’t settle with what they currently understood.

So over 10 years ago I started Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation to do just that.

Four locations and many team members later, I am proud to say that we help hundreds of families to have peace of mind knowing that they are able to achieve their potential.

We are now on a mission. Our mission is to be the most admired neurorehabilitation company in British Columbia. Our plan to do that is to have the best client and staff experience to create the greatest outcomes.

Now that my son is a young man I have the confidence that my son has all the opportunities he needs and he is learning how to work towards his dreams. He is happy. The team at Abilities has helped him to live his best life.

I wish you every success as you work towards your own dreams.


Heather Branscombe PT MBA

Chief Experience Officer

Proud Members Of

Our Google Reviews

Gord Gadsden
Gord Gadsden
19:48 31 Jul 19
Excellent team. We're so happy we found Abilities! Easily can recommend them to anyone.
Claude Aubry
Claude Aubry
19:14 26 Jul 19
The minute you walk in you're greeted by the smiling and accommodating receptionists. The therapists and assistants are very knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working. Great staff! I suffered a spinal-cord injury leaving me partially paralyzed and no other therapy clinic was able to help me like Abilities has. In the time I've spent with Abilities I've gone from barley being able to move, basically a couch potato, to now being able to get around, albeit aided w/ braces and a walker. I'm very thankful to all at Abilities for their work and knowledge in helping me and highly recommend Abilities to anyone.
Denise Brewster
Denise Brewster
20:00 18 Oct 18
I recommend Abilities to everyone I know ! My son has been coming here for years .Everyone here is so friendly and caring ...
terry striemer
terry striemer
17:44 05 Oct 18
Thet help my son and alsome and my wife cope with him and teach us the right way to raise 5 stars
Corinne Meerse
Corinne Meerse
16:47 24 Jul 18
Our sons needs changed and we came to Abilities with strong recommendations. They have been an amazing, supportive, patient and positive community of therapists. They listen to what we want as parents, working constantly with us to find what works best for our son. They celebrate with us in every milestone and encourage us, researching new ways to help him constantly. Therapy is in high demand and Nicole at reception has always worked to fit us in when we need it. Most of all our son looks forward to going.
Velvetm Bauer
Velvetm Bauer
20:57 27 Jun 18
My son has been with abilities for a while now we do ot and pt. Everyone at abilities is very helpful and supportive... Not only do they help your child but they care for the parents well being as well... I swear by the team here in chilliwack and I personally recommend them to everyone I know and don't know....they are not limited to just children either...many adults come to abilities. . They offer occupational, physio and speech therapies. My son loves everyone who works at abilities.
Sherry Stayner
Sherry Stayner
00:01 27 Jun 18
We have had an amazing experience working with the staff at Abilities for well over a year. My son sees the OT SLP PT and RA there and they have all been amazing and very supportive.
Sharlene Toon
Sharlene Toon
18:48 16 Apr 18
My Husband has been continuing Physiotherapy at Abilities in Chilliwack after an accident which he suffered a spinal cord injury. From this, he continues to improve with his amazing physiotherapist, Grace. The staff has been incredibly supportive, hard working with him which helps his improvement so much. Highly recommend Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation in Chilliwack!! Very best at what they do, and on top of everything!
Corrine Rouleau
Corrine Rouleau
19:03 17 Mar 18
My daughter is attending weekly sessions of speech and o.t. this school year. The ladies that have worked with her are all great. They are very skilled in their professions, as well as kind and patient. And the receptionist is friendly and great at keeping everything running smoothly. I look forward to bringing my girl back next year!
Tina McGee
Tina McGee
21:39 06 Mar 18
Our daughter has been with Abilities for 18 months now and has gained many new skills. She is non verbal and Abilities staff has been hugely instrumental in finding her voice.Thank you all!
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