Voice Therapy

Thank you for your presentation at the Surrey City Library today. I found it informative and enjoyable. I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease and find to my surprise that my voice is intimately involved in the symptoms. Often there is morning hoarseness as well as at other unpredictable times. The advice with respect to the necessity for available moisture to the larynx and pharynx as well as drinking sufficient liquids daily I have found to be important and to relieve symptoms. The humming and trilling take very little time and effort and I feel my jaw relaxes with these exercises. I look forward to ongoing benefits from the information you provided.

Dorothy Randall – Surrey

General Comments

“Very friendly, efficient and helpful. What’s not to like?”
“We love you all!”
“Staff are very helpful, friendly and felt very aware of the skills needed. Extremely impressed with the service!”
“Great job.”
“I am so happy with Abilities, I have recommended many friends and will continue to do so. The therapy my son has received has been amazing. I’m so thankful and feel extremely blessed!”

Bioness L300

Drop foot affects how you feel about yourself and the pleasure you get out of every day. You don’t feel normal because it’s hard to function when you are dragging your foot with every step.

When I first put on the Bioness, I felt an immediate improvement. I’ve been using the Bioness for three months. I found that training with the Bioness helped retrain my way of walking. I regained my abilities!

My Bioness gives me freedom to move without having to think about every step. This effect now lasts even when I don’t have the Bioness on. My neighbors stop me on the street and say, “Hey, what happened? Your walking has improved so much!”

Its hard for me to put into words exactly how liberating this feels! With the Bioness, I feel hope again. I know that I can have a full recovery.

Laurie Nobbs – Port Coquitlam, BC

Services for Children

Without Abilities Rehabilitation by son would have nothing. Once he aged out of the Child Developmen Centre, there was no one who would work with him to provide physiotherapy, speech therapy or occupationa therapy because of his complex diagnosis. Heather personally found all the services my son required, an combined them in to her clinic. She has adapted her business to accommodate her client’s needs. We have been ecstatic with the level of service provided to our son.

Shannon Bennington – Abbotsford, BC

Stroke Therapy

To describe what Abilities means to this community is an honor. My father had a serious stroke in March 2008. Some people in the medical community gave up when they saw no movement on his left side. I went to numerous businesses in Abbotsford to seek physio services but was told they couldn’t help my Dad. I was feeling very hopeless. From my first phone call with Stefanie, to the first visit with Heather, we were shown what could be, rather than negative feedback. At Abilities we feel heard, respected and valued as clients. The journey to recovery is slow, but with the kind, caring, dedicated staff of Abilities and with the courage of my Dad, we have an expectation and a hope for the future. Is there a way we can bottle and share hope?

On our first visit, although others had told us Dad was paralyzed on the left side and couldn’t move, we were shocked when they covered his right leg and told him to move his left leg. Wouldn’t you know it, he moved. The staff at Abilities works hard to keep up with the technology and strategies within the industry. They never give up on learning or sharing ideas. They are more than a business, they are a gift to this community. Each session we are rewarded with laughter, hope and inspiration for which we are extremely thankful.

Deanna – Abbotsford, BC

Arm & Gait Therapy

I have gone to at least five different physiotherapy clinics with no success, and then I found Abilities. I was amazed at the amount of equipment they have available to help me. My therapist had told me I would never move my left arm, but only after a few months of therapy with Heather did my arm and fingers move. I cried when I was able to walk on the treadmill, after previously giving up hope of walking and selling the treadmill I had at home.

I have seen so many miracles happen with the other clients as well. Heather keeps up to date with new technologies as they become available. Her staff is courteous, friendly and helpful.

Leslie Crewe – Abbotsford, BC


Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation has been a big part of our lives in the past two years. My daughter Ella, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, which effects her muscle tone, and makes it difficult to walk.

Heather has gone above and beyond to seek out treatment for children like Ella, and has taken the training needed to provide treatment like Therasuit in Canada. Abilities has opened their doors so children like Ella can get continuous help by ways of Physiotherapy, Speech, and Occupational Therapy without the wait. It has meant a lot to me to know that Ella is being helped by a wonderful group of staff that is always encouraging and wants to achieve the very best goals for my daughter.

Andrea Van Enter – Abbotsford, BC

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapist is fantastic! She works hard to know what is important to us and is very creative in her sessions. Our son loves coming to speech and I would recommend her to anyone.

Heather – Abbotsford, BC