TheraSuit is an intensive physiotherapy/exercise program that accelerates functional progress through the use of individualized strengthening program as well as functional skills practice.

The TheraSuit method includes a three hour session, five days a week, for three weeks.  These sessions include heat and massage, range of motion, individualized and specific goal directed strengthening program as well as time in the TheraSuit for strengthening, as well as functional activities.

The TheraSuit helps to facilitate more normal movement through a series of bungee like cords attached to a canvas suit.

The TheraSuit is part of the TheraSuit Method, an intensive physical therapy/exercise program. The TheraSuit accelerates functional progress. Children undergoing intensive therapy with the use of the TheraSuit achieve better results in a shorter amount of time, as compared to traditional therapy.

The TheraSuit’s effectiveness has been demonstrated to date by the dramatic progress of hundreds of children and adults. Several clinics using the TheraSuit serve as ongoing research centers to evaluate and document the benefits of the TheraSuit. The TheraSuit Method is becoming a standard method of treatment for neurological and sensory disorders.

How does this method improve the nervous system? 

TheraSuit helps to restore nervous system function by providing both tactile stimulation and pressure all over the body. This is also why it helps so drastically with sensory integration problems. What makes the TheraSuit unique is its ability to provide the dynamic correction. What this means is that it allows the error to occur, but at the same time facilitates the correct position or movement.

We can learn based only through our own experience. TheTheraSuit is not performing movement for the individual. It only guides and assists them. Additionally, specific and individualized strengthening provides a base for functional progress to happen.  Many people with neurological issues are weak due to a lack of mobility. Our bodies are “use it or lose it” kinds of systems.  The intensive strengthening serves as a catalyst for improved functional ability through the use of the TheraSuit.

How does it work the extremities?

Through the system of elastic rubber bands, a patient’s body is aligned as close to normal as possible. This restoration of posture and proper function of postural muscles allows the patient to learn (or relearn) proper patterns of movement. The patient’s body is loaded with very specific and unique pressure that restores deep proprioception from joints, ligaments and muscles. The TheraSuit provides external stabilization to the trunk and therefore allows more fluent and coordinated movement for both upper and lower extremities.

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