Maximizing Recovery During Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Studies show that upper extremity function is vital to a person’s independence and quality of life. According to EBRSR and SCIRE, the leading meta-reviews of evidence-based research in rehabilitation, movement therapy can improve upper limb function in many people living with stroke and spinal cord injury.

Repetitive daily practise of task-oriented exercises reinforces brain and spinal cord pathways, and can lead to significant functional gains.

Motivation is an important factor in rehabilitation and greatly affects compliance. Conventional exercise activities are often boring and require burdensome levels of supervision by therapists.

ReJoyce Therapy

ReJoyce is an upper extremity rehabilitation workstation for use in either a clinic or at a patient’s home. Featuring a range of exercise games with adjustable difficulty levels and a standardized hand and arm function test, ReJoyce is designed for both rehabilitation of tasks of daily living, fitness training, and client performance measurement.

ReJoyce maximizes motor recovery while substantially reducing client supervision overheads. ReJoyce therapy is based on five core principles:

  • Provide standardized upper limb exercises representing activities of daily life (ADL).
  • Disguise intensive training with motivating games.
  • Track functional improvements with an automated, objective hand and arm function test.
  • Offer patients the opportunity to continue ReJoyce exercise therapy in their own homes, after leaving the clinic, tele-supervised over the Internet.
  • Enable therapists to tele-supervise from anywhere: the clinic, their own home, or even while travelling.


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