f you live with foot drop, the simplest tasks may be challenging. Using the latest in wireless technology, the NESS L300™ Foot Drop System is designed to lift the foot during the swing phase of gait (a manner of walking). Clinical evidence suggests the L300 may increase speed, stability and social participation in certain patients with foot drop. The device may represent the most important technology available to assist you in progressing forward. At Abilities, we believe by combining technology and innovation with our passion, we may be able to help you return to a more normal lifestyle.

The L300 Plus System builds on the success of the NESS L300 Foot Drop System by adding a thigh cuff to give you greater control over bending and straightening your knee, which may help you walk more naturally.

The L300 Plus System’s wireless components adapt to changes in walking speed and terrain, allowing you to walk more easily on stairs, grass and carpet. Comfortably worn under most clothing, the system’s unique design may help you eliminate the need for a rigid knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), or braces, and may reduce the risk of falls and injuries.


Abilities is excited to be the first Bioness trained facility in Canada.  We look forward to sharing this technology with our current and new clients.  The L300 is used for select clients during regular physiotherapy in our clinic, and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Please contact us to see if Bioness is right for you. For more information please see www.bioness.com

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